Filmmakers And Their Understated Value Toward The Conservation Of This World

Nature and Wildlife Filmmakers Can Make a Difference

Nature and Wildlife Filmmakers play an integral part to making the citizens of the world aware of the dangers or injustices being done to nature and wildlife, the environment, the Eco-system and to Planet Earth. Filmmakers travel around the world researching and capturing real-life events that none of us would ever hear of if it were not for the dedication and the passion of these people. It is because of filmmakers that people get to see rare occurrences in nature and impossible to reach places on the earth. One could make a solid argument that the basis of our knowledge and what we learn about the world we live in comes from film.
This writer is the first to admit that filmmakers are vital to discovering new and current phenomena that is not exposed by any other intelligible source.

Film footage can and should move people to save the planet. This writer challenges anyone to watch the documentary film “The Cove,” about a Japanese town that secretly kills hundreds of dolphins a day, and not be moved to become involved in some sort of activist group. If it were not for the brave filmmakers risking their credentials and in some cases, even their lives, the population would have no idea that this type of atrocity even existed. “The Cove” is only one of numerous documentaries that have been made to bring attention to the devastation wreaking havoc on nature and life.

Every single person should feel some sort of accountability and responsibility toward the conservation and preservation of our mother earth. No matter if you believe in religion or science as the reason for the origin of the planet, everyone should agree that, from the smallest Ant to the largest Blue Whale, every living creature has their purpose.The same can be said for nature, as a single blade of grass to the miles of coral reef, everything has their purpose. Proof exists that the lack of conservation employed by corporations and people is killing our beloved planet, now we have to do something about it.
People can make a difference by getting off their lazy rumps and educating themselves on the truth, that we are destroying our planet. Those who film nature to inform us about the lack of discretion used by companies and people around the globe when it comes to implementing methods of conservation can only do so much.

One of the most powerful and influential mediums is the gathering of people to stand up for or demonstrate against an agent towards which they feel passionate. All it takes is unity and desire to make a change. Look back through the history of the United States – from the American Revolution to the Civil Rights Movement – when people come together and unify for a common purpose, great things can happen. Instances of change through unification can be recognized throughout the history of the world, so why not apply that desire and courage for our mother earth.
Though sometimes it may feel like bringing the horrific injustices to light is futile due to the lack of progression, differences are being made. Though the factions are small, you can find websites, blogs and even pages on social sites like Facebook demonstrating the will to act against a particular tragedy occurring at present in the world. Unfortunately, it seems that most people realize what is going on, but lack the motivation or resources to act. What needs to be done is to find ways to raise money through corporate and individual involvement, so protesting groups can afford ways to promote a means to reducing the devastation inflicted on our planet. Ultimately, all of us need to stand together to stop the utter decay of what every living species calls home – Earth.

About the Author:

Award-winning filmmaker Kevin J Railsback has traveled as far as Africa to test HD cameras for Panasonic.
His stunning nature and wildlife footage has appeared in productions on National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel as well as in commercials for such corporate giants as AT&T.

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