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A to Z Challenge 2017

The 2017 A to Z Challenge is 26 posts Monday through Saturday for the month of April. The topic of each post is about a letter of the alphabet. The first post's topic is [...]

It’s Been A While

It's been a while since my last post so I thought I would bring you up to speed on what's been happening. The biggest news since my last post is that I was hired as [...]

Being Out In Nature Is Never A Waste Of Time

I'm always trying to be a better nature and wildlife filmmaker. Every day I try to get a little more insight into animal behavior, plant identification, weather, anything that helps me capture footage of the [...]

It’s About Perspective Not Awards

  It's been a few years but I finally got up the gumption to enter a couple of my short films in the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival. If you know me, I'm not only my own [...]

Filmmaking Naturally’s Five Most Popular Posts

I love filming nature and wildlife! I love sharing what I've discovered and filmed as well as sharing my workflow and beliefs. Some posts resonate more with people than others. I thought I'd post the [...]

2015 Goals For Filming Nature and Wildlife

My typical method for filming nature and wildlife it to visit a location and film whatever catches my eye. There's certainly nothing wrong with that as it's worked for me for many, many years resulting [...]

Sometimes It’s The Gear Sometimes It’s Not

I read a recent article by nature and wildlife photographer Mark Graf of Graf Nature Photography about meeting a man that said "Nature wasn't meant to be photographed." His meaning was that nature is so [...]

Using Color To Stand Out From The Crowd

In an earlier article I talked about music as one of the three things tha caused former Indian Creek Nature Center director Rich Patterson to say ""I like yours because they are outstanding and very [...]

Camera Or Vision?

Recently a photographer posed the question, would you rather have the best camera system in the world (price is no object) or learning to truly see (you could spot artistic compositions anywhere), which would you [...]

It’s Not The Gear That Makes The Filmmaker

How many times have you said to yourself, if only I had (insert some piece of filmmaking gear) I'd be able to shoot better footage? I know I've said it dozens, hundreds, heck maybe even [...]

5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Film Clichés

Even though I'm a nature and wildlife filmmaker I still browse photography websites from time to time. The two are so close together that what often applies to one applies to the other. My latest [...]

Happy Holidays From Filmmaking Naturally

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you had a great holiday! I look forward to sharing my love of nature and wildlife and how to better capture both on video with you in the coming new [...]

Marooned Without a Compass

Why do you film nature and wildlife? I've always loved anything that had to do with animals. My parents have an old 8mm film of me trying to feed an apple to a rocking horse [...]

Wildlife Filmmaking – It’s All About Being There!

Whenever I meet another seasoned nature and wildlife filmmaker, the conversation invariably evolves into our favorite moments that we've experienced out in the field. When I was first trying to learn wildlife filmmaking my conversations [...]

Should Wildlife Filmmakers Share Information?

Its wings almost dry from the morning dew, a dragonfly takes flight I was watching a nature and wildlife photography show the other day. Two nature photographers were going back to a place [...]

Filming Nature: Capturing the Partial Solar Eclipse

As a nature and wildlife filmmaker, weather and more importantly, the sun plays an important role in the video footage I capture. Overcast days can make woodland wildflowers look fantastic but make a landscape dull [...]

Are You Filming Illegally in our National Parks?

As a nature and wildlife filmmaker, Yellowstone was one of my favorite locations in the United States to film nature and wildlife. Every year, millions of tourists, photographers and filmmakers travel to America's first national [...]

Using Peaking in Panasonic’s HPX-250

In addition to the 22X zoom and AVC-Intra codec, another one of my favorite features of Panasonic's AG-HPX-250 is peaking. Basically peaking is electronically "highlighting" the edges of your subject. My HPX-170 has peaking but [...]

Panasonic’s AG-HPX250 Zoom Demonstration

Over the last couple of days I've had an opportunity to test Panasonic's new HD camera the AG-HPX250. Panasonic has taken the guts of a over the shoulder camera and placed them inside the body [...]

Beginner’s Guide to Shooting Nature & Wildlife Video

Get on the mailing list for Beginner's Guide to Shooting Nature and Wildlife Online Filmmaking Course! Whenever I'm filming nature and wildlife in some location I'm almost always asked what's the best camera to buy [...]

In the Company of Wolves

  Everyone has a defining moment that somehow ends up shaping their future. For me it was filming a wolf pack in Northern Minnesota. I had recently made the switch to shooting HD video and [...]

Introducing Filmmaking Naturally

Filmmaking Naturally, online video tutorials assist you in your quest to obtain better wildlife and nature footage. Award winning cinematographer Kevin J Railsback shares his decades of experience obtaining stunning imagery of the natural world. [...]

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