Camera Or Vision?

Recently a photographer posed the question, would you rather have the best camera system in the world (price is no object) or learning to truly see (you could spot artistic compositions anywhere), which would you pick? The vast majority said they would take the vision to see over having the best gear that money could [...]

Filming Nature & Wildlife In The Land That Time Forgot

Recently, Panasonic called and asked if I wanted to shoot some more footage with the PX270 now that Iowa had greened up and subjects were more plentiful. But I had something better in mind, a trip back to Yellowstone National Park. It had been several years since I had been in Yellowstone. Hassles with filming [...]

Wildlife Filmmaking – It’s All About Being There!

Whenever I meet another seasoned nature and wildlife filmmaker, the conversation invariably evolves into our favorite moments that we've experienced out in the field. When I was first trying to learn wildlife filmmaking my conversations almost always revolved around camera gear. What's the best camera for filming wildlife, how to find wildlife, what filters should [...]

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Serenity in Sixty Seconds – Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand Prismatic Spring One would be hard-pressed to say that there are any natural wonders in the world more magical than the Grand Prismatic Spring. It is the largest hot spring in all of America and it is the third largest one in the world. Yet it is neither of these factors that make this [...]

The Best Tip Ever for Shooting Better Nature and Wildlife Video

As a nature and wildlife cameraman, I want to share one of my best tips for shooting better nature and wildlife video. But before I tell you what it is I want to tell you how this one single tip has worked for me. It has allowed me to win several awards in film festivals, [...]

Yellowstone National Park: A Filmmakers Dream

Welcome to Yellowstone National Park Every year millions of nature lovers visit Yellowstone National Park to take in the scenery, get up close and personal with wildlife, and partake in the many adventurous activities the area has to offer. Although Yellowstone stretches into Idaho and Montana, the national park is situated primarily in Wyoming. It [...]


Probably one of my all time favorite places to film has to be Yellowstone National Park. I guess you could say I cut my filming teeth in Yellowstone. The park has such a diversity of landscapes and wildlife. In all the years I've filmed there I've always discovered something new and exciting. This short film [...]