Using Color To Stand Out From The Crowd

In an earlier article I talked about music as one of the three things tha caused former Indian Creek Nature Center director Rich Patterson to say ""I like yours because they are outstanding and very much set a mood." The second thing I think that helps my films stand out and set a mood is [...]

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Four Reasons Your Home Turf is the Best Place to Film Nature and Wildlife

I don't know what it's like where you live, but whenever I thought about filming nature and wildlife, my home turf in Eastern Iowa was usually pretty far down the list of locations where I wanted to plant my tripod and hit the record button. However on the last couple of years I've spent a lot of time [...]

It’s Important To Get Out In The Field Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

It's no secret that one of my greatest passions is filming nature and wildlife. I've been taking photographs or shooting video since I was about eight years old. No matter what my day is like there's something almost medicinal when I get behind a camera and take in what nature decides to share with me. [...]

The Greatest Dilemma Wildlife Filmmakers Commonly Face

A dragon fly covered in dew, it's wings glisten in the early morning light It's something that every wildlife filmmaker will face more than once in their career. The choice they make can make or break a filmmaking session. I'm talking about staying with a subject or leaving in hopes of finding better [...]

Top Five Places in the World to Film Wildlife With Your Video Camera

Lilac Breasted Roller Kruger National Park, South Africa The world we live in is rich with beauty and these five spots provide exceptional opportunities to capture it. The next time you are ready for some adventure, grab your favorite video camera and get ready to get wild! Denali National Park, Alaska The landscape [...]

Serenity in Sixty Seconds: Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers

Joy, Happiness and Serenity Derived from Tallgrass Wildflowers in a Prairie What exactly is it about witnessing the beauty of nature first-hand that gives us a sense of serenity, peace and joy? For instance, why does looking at tallgrass wildflowers blowing in the wind in a vast prairie awaken our senses and make us feel [...]

Persistence Often Pays Off for Nature and Wildlife Filmmakers

When it comes to the process of wildlife and nature filmmaking I think of it as a three legged stool. Two of the legs I've already talked about, patience and practice. The third leg of the stool is persistence. It takes all three legs to make the stool stand. Take away any one of them [...]

Serenity in Sixty Seconds ~ Silent Snowfall

The Serenity of Falling Snow Many scenes in nature can have a calming effect on individuals. One in particular in the image of falling snow. It is common for people to sit at there windows during a snow fall, watching it come down. Also, it can be relaxing to stand out in the snow, letting [...]

Serenity in Sixty Seconds ~ Montana Stream

Serenity And Water: The Pulse Of Life Water is blood to the earth. Without its flowing rivers, pounding into the arteries of oceans and seas, and the crashing cascade of waterfalls, the earth would dry up and die. Even individuals removed from water for too long begin to feel a dryness inside which no amount [...]

Practice Nature and Wildlife Filmmaking to Hone Your Skills

The saying goes once you learn how to ride a bike you'll never forget. Well, that may be true but I can tell you from experience that doesn't mean you'll be any good at it. I'm a firm believer that there are three things every nature cinematographer must work on if they want to reach [...]