• a tree wrapped in a vine that looks like a bow

The Standing People

Nature and wildlife filmmaking usually present enough of a challenge as it is. But when I found out that the annual DVC/UWOL Charity Film Challenge was about to take place, I knew I had to […]

  • Dew_Dragonfly

Liftoff: Filming A Dragonflies First Flight of the Day

Fall is a great time to film wildlife and nature on the tallgrass prairies in the Midwest. Warm days and cool nights oftentimes produce ground fog and plants and insects covered with dew.
Ground fog and […]

  • A dew covered flower in an Iowa prairie

An Iowa Morning: Shooting the Panasonic AG-HPX250

When you film nature and wildlife more often than not you wish you had a camera that had a longer zoom. The bigger the zoom, the further away you can be from skittish wildlife and […]

  • Golden Gate Bridge in fog

California Dreaming

Without a doubt filming nature and wildlife is my passion. So when my wife and I travelled to San Francisco to attend a good friend’s wedding, I made sure I packed my video gear to […]

  • rhino3

Africa: A Moment in Time

Filming nature and wildlife in Africa has always been a dream of mine. The opportunity to film nature in one of the last truly wild places on Earth left me with an even great appreciation […]

  • River3

The River

When it comes to filming nature and wildlife I’d have to say that water ranks right up there as one of my favorite subjects. I guess it’s no wonder that my sign is Pisces.

Whenever I […]

  • bison


Probably one of my all time favorite places to film has to be Yellowstone National Park. I guess you could say I cut my filming teeth in Yellowstone.

The park has such a diversity of landscapes […]

  • frost

Silent Kingdom

Silent Kingdom is a short film that deals with the ever increasing rate of species extinction, global warming and other issues that are destroying our planet.

As a nature and wildlife filmmaker, it’s important for me […]

  • prairie_592

The Prairie

When the first settlers reached the borders of what is now Iowa, it must have been a very different world that they saw stretching before them, swaying slightly in the breeze. The prairie grasses ran […]

  • sea2

Journey to the Sea

Follow along as storm clouds gather and a drop of rain falls from the sky and begins its journey to the sea.

And as always, shoot the ordinary and make it extraordinary!

  • winter2

Whispers of Winter

I love to film nature during the winter. The woods fall silent, the air is crisp, the sky the brightest blue.
It’s a great time as well for wildlife filming if you’re dressed warmly and patient.

In […]