There’s no doubt that as we become more and more technologically evolved, the amount of stress we are exposed to increases. Cell phones, laptops, Wi-Fi all keep us connected to the grid.
We spend less time with our family and friends, we find ourselves multi-tasking on the commute to work all in an effort to try and get it all done.
We sleep less, we eat worse yet we say what a life saver technology is.

Filming nature and wildlife is a natural stress reducer for me. You have to be patient. You have to spend a lot of time just being in nature. When you have nothing but time while you’re waiting for the light to be just right or for some wildlife to make an appearance you start taking in the sights and sounds around you. I always feel better when I come back from filming nature and wildlife.

I noticed something a while back when I was editing some footage I had recently shot. I had some background music playing while I worked and I noticed as I edited the footage I became more relaxed. The tension in my jaw muscles was gone, my shoulders dropped and relaxed. My mind slowed down and just for a minute I was disengaged from everything around me.

So I wondered if it were possible to just break away for sixty seconds and see if that would make a difference.

Check out some of the videos below and let me know what you think.

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The Greatest Non-Answer I’ve Ever Given About Filming Wildlife

David sent me an email asking “if you have never shot wildlife before do you recommend scouting a location before going out to shoot to see where the animals typically are or just go out and learn by trial and Error?”

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is going to […]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Document Your Surroundings on Video

One of filmmaking’s greatest strengths is its immediacy. You may think you live in dull surroundings, but the camera captures and frames things the human eye may overlook. Furthermore, it captures a precise span of time, moments that could prove to be important in ways or to people […]

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Fire in the Sky

It’s not often that I film subjects outside of nature and wildlife. However, I think the challenge of going outside your comfort zone by shooting different situations makes you a better filmmaker.

So here is an evening of fireworks in the small town I used to live in a few years […]

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To The Frustrated Nature and Wildlife Photographers and Filmmakers

Filming nature and wildlife is my passion. It’s what winds me up and cools me down. While I read a lot of nature and wildlife blogs, I also like to read blogs about life.

One of my favorite blogs I’ve been reading recently is Almost Sexy Mommy┬árun by Trish, a truly […]

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Being Out In Nature Is Never A Waste Of Time

I’m always trying to be a better nature and wildlife filmmaker. Every day I try to get a little more insight into animal behavior, plant identification, weather, anything that helps me capture footage of the natural world.

I also like to see what other filmmakers and photographers are doing. So I […]

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I Said I’d Never Do It and Damnit Here I Am Doing It!

It seems that whenever I use the word “never” as in “I’m never going to do that again”, I end up eating my words.
Although I AM proud of the fact that I said I would never stop at Wall Drug in South Dakota and I’ve honored those words for over […]

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