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How A Million Slides Made Me A Better Nature And Wildlife Filmmaker

Before I made the switch to digital video in 2005 I was a still photographer. My cameras weren't digital, they used film. For those of you that may have never used film let me give you an idea of the workflow. 35mm photography film came in small canisters, usually with enough unexposed film in them [...]

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Nature and Wildlife Filmmaking: Finding The Little Things

Yesterday, I talked about finding joy discovering the little things in nature and filming them. Today I'd like to talk about actually finding these little things. At first it may prove difficult or even impossible but with some practice you'll start discovering some amazing things to film. The Key to Discovering the Little Things There's [...]

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It’s The Little Things That Make Nature and Wildlife Filmmaking So Special

Gilbert Chesterton said "One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak."Today as I was reviewing some footage I shot this past fall that quote really resonated with me not so much literally but from a mindset point of view.For so many years my mindset was that I had to go [...]

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Sometimes It’s The Gear Sometimes It’s Not

I read a recent article by nature and wildlife photographer Mark Graf of Graf Nature Photography about meeting a man that said "Nature wasn't meant to be photographed." His meaning was that nature is so grand and made up not only of sights, but smells, feelings and sounds that there's no way a simple photograph [...]

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Panasonic AJ-PX270 Low Light High Sensitivity

Low Light Sensitivity As a nature and wildlife filmmaker, you can most often find me out in the field at first light and last light. One of the hardest things for me is to see something amazing to film but the light is to low for my camera to capture. Ove the years video cameras [...]

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